Hey, How you doin'?

Steam has gone ahead and actually released their own kinda API deal so this dealio is gone. If for some reason you must absolutely have it right now then a download exists that can/will/should suit your needs. You may also want to try out the (much more complete) Steam Condenser by Sebastian Staudt.

I almost forgot, since people on the internet are vengeful, I'm going to leave this disclaimer message:

This was never something that hacked your steam account. Though it is somewhat amusing to me that just having a page title of "Steam Hackery Testings" would create confusion and dismay on the internet, that was not the intent. It's just an old project that got indexed (a lot) by google. It never displayed or retrieved any information that wasn't made public by Valve and or Steam itself.

-Jason "pixelat3d"

Woah, Heavy.